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What are the WTC?

A Virtual World

The 60 World TALK Cards represent a virtual world in the form of 60 drawings organized into 15 different topics.

The WTC Topics

World TALK Card Topics


The cards can be used for learning and teaching any language at any level of difficulty. They are also great for generating ideas, games, stories and even poetry. By combining cards you can create an unlimited number of situations for practicing the language you are learning or teaching.

A Flexible Tool for Learning

Unlike normal textbooks, the World TALK Cards allow you much greater freedom for learning & teaching. You can use the 60 cards as your main learning and teaching material or use them as a supplement.

Practice Speaking

You can use the 60 World TALK Cards as a flexible and stimulating tool for speaking freely about them.

Create Own Materials

If you enjoy using the World TALK Cards you could create your own learning and teaching materials!

Find the Differences

Find the differences between the small black and white drawing and the large colored one. Describe them.

Memory Game

Turn the cards upside down and then guess what is on the front.

Playing Trump

After shuffling, deal out four to six cards to each player. The objective is to get as many suits as possible by asking the other players questions in order to find out whether they have the cards you need.

One Question per Card

A player takes a card and asks a question about the card. The other player has to answer.

There are many more possibilities!