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What Users Say

There are two things that my students like especially about working with TALK: the learning experience is completely different from other classes, and they are able to make friends through studying German together.

– Alfred Gehrmann, Kochi University


World TALK Cards are for everyone and anyone, from beginners to advanced learners, from small children to adults. What I like most about the World TALK Cards is they prompt learners to express themselves and each learner can be a decision maker in their learning a language. There are so many ways to use the cards. They are so flexible and creative. It’ss fun to experiment with a new one and enjoy learning in different ways.

– Minami Kanda, Heisei International University


The World Talk Cards Classic 1 are one of the most creative and useful language learning devices have ever encountered. This deck of 60 cards serves the purpose well of learning and teaching many languages at many levels for language students at any age. The beauty of these cards for me is that almost any kind of language learning material and almost any style can easily be integrated and be combined according to my own pedagogical schemes, no matter whether they are systematical or electrical. The true essence of the conversational give and take can easily be extracted from the World Talk Cards while at the same time we can enjoy the physical simplicity and beauty of this system in the form of handy cards.

– Yasuniro Enomoto, Associate Professor, Kansai Gaidai College