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TOOL 1: The Anatomy of Dialogue Cards


As well as being interesting illustrations, the drawings used on our TALK Learning Tools provide the foundation for the text on the back of each card. They are directly related to the setting, the dialogue, the narrative, and the questions.
We consider the drawings on the Dialogue Cards as miniature realities. What you see in each drawing depends, to a large extent, on how you see the world and what you believe the world to be. There is no “correct” way to interpret the drawings. This gives students the freedom to be creative.

TOOL 1 Atonomy
The Main Character Card

provides an overview of the main characters in all the Dialogue Cards. The description of each character is short, allowing students to add their own ideas.
The Main Character Card is in- cluded with each set of Dialogue Cards.

TOOL 12, Lev 0123, Tp 01-01

TOOL 12, Lev 0123, Tp 01-02