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TALK Tool 6, Level 3, Topic 08, 13, 14

TALK Study Tips: a Learner’s Guide
This guide is available in English & Japanese.

The Study Tips contain more than 40 step-by-step ideas and suggestions on how to use the seven TALK Tools. The TALK Learning System is a unique and self-empowering approach to language learning. We encourage you to experiment with the TALK Tools and come up with your own ideas on how to use them effectively for the purpose of getting students to do the talking.

Six TALK Learning Sets: 0-A  0-B  |  1-A  1-B  |  2-A  2-B

(also available in  ) explains TALK Learning Set 1-A. You can purchase six different TALK Learning Sets in two formats: printed & digital.  Each  contains a selection of 18 TALK Tools!

Every TALK Card is a stand-alone lesson or unit. The 186 B5 cards can be arranged and used in ANY order. This flexible and user-friendly system can be extended in three directions.

  1. More topics can easily be created.
  2. Different TOOLS can be added.
  3. The TALK Cards can be translated into different languages.

TOOL 6, Lev 3, Tp-01

TOOL 6, Lev 3, Tp-02

TOOL 6, Lev 3, Tp-03

TOOL 6, Lev 3, Tp-04

TOOL 6, Lev 3, Tp-05

TOOL 6, Lev 3, Tp-06