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What is the TALK Learning System?

Module 5Imagine you open the door to your class to find all your students working in small groups and chatting away in English as if they were down at the local bar.

Just a dream?

No. With TALK, we have taken the fundamental concept of how we interact with each other naturally in almost every situation outside class, and transferred it back to the classroom.TALK mimics life.

What we offer you is really just common sense, minus all the preconceived ideas of what language learning ought to be, should be, and must be.

TALK is easy, simple, and natural – yet it IS challenging.

The challenge is to see the people in your classes as people, not as students, and yourself as their guide and assistant, not as their teacher.

If you get involved with TALK we’re sure you’ll find this new approach extremely exciting.

By using the TALK framework of ideas and materials as your guide you can develop your own unique way of using this revolutionary approach, that frees people from the chains of ordinary textbooks and the humdrum of ordinary lessons.

Incorporating your own ideas into your classes is easy. You can allow your creativity to flow.

Use TALK and make the time and effort you and your learners invest in the learning process worth your and their while.