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TALK Learning Sets

The 6 TALK Learning Sets are available in Digital & Printed Fom

  • The purpose of the TALK Cards is not to teach reading or cognitive skills, but to help learners improve their fluency. Whatever level you choose, learners can easily adapt to the materials according to their abilities.
  • Choosing the right TALK Learning Materials for your class is easy.
    Simply determine the communication level most suited to your learners. We recommend that you choose a level just below your learners’ anticipated ability.
  • Your learners communication level depends on how much they have actually used the target language communicatively, not how much grammar they have studied. 

LEVEL 0: Learners can say only very little.

LEVEL 1: Learners can express something if they try hard.

LEVEL 2: Learners can express themselves in broken English.

  • Each Set contains a selection of 18 TALK Tools.
    5 Dialogue Cards, 5 Feedback Cards, 2 Question Cards,
    2 Character Cards, 2 IdeaCue Cards, 1 Transcription Card, 1 Lyric Card
  • SET-A TOPICS: 01: Person I.D., 02: House & Home, 03: Occupation,
    04: Free Time, 05: Travel
  • SET-B TOPICS: 06: Relationships, 07: Health, 08: Education,
    09: Shopping, 10: Food & Drink

4 TALK Sets