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The 7 TALK Tools

7 TOOLS_7The TALK TOOLS are small and easily digestible cupfuls of learning stuff.

They have been specifically designed to assist and encourage people to be creative and talk naturally.



The TALK TOOLS are the building blocks of open and flexible B5 card systems. The elements of these systems can be arranged in any way to fit your learners’ needs.

Every TALK Learning Set contains 7 different TALK TOOLS. Each TALK TOOL is made up of a number of cards that have the same layout. The cards that make up a TALK TOOL are called TALK Cards. The cards of most of the TOOLS exist on three different levels of difficulty.

How to Use the 7 TALK Tools

We have created The Study Tips for the 7 TALK Tools in the form of a small booklet. (Click here to download the English Study Tips or the Japanese Study Tips.)

Random Access System

Because the TALK Learning System is based on the idea of random access a system of tools in the form of individual and self-contained B5 cards, any combination of cards is easily possible depending of whatever is appropriate for the situation at hand.

Seven TALK Tools

Each TALK Card in a TALK TOOL is a self-contained “mini-textbook” and can be used independently or with any other cards.

TOOL 1: Dialogue Cards

The Dialogue Cards are a tool for developing speaking and listening skills. They’re structured into three levels of difficulty. The text parts of these cards are recorded.

TOOL 2: Question Cards

The Question Cards are a rich resource of questions organized in conversational format without answers. They are designed to encourage creativity.

TOOL 3: Character Cards

The Character Cards provide descriptive and interesting information about various “characters” from around the world. Their purpose is to stimulate free conversation.

TOOL 4: IdeaCue Cards

The purpose of the IdeaCue Cards is to invite learners to play with new and unknown words imaginatively and spontaneously.

TOOL 5: Transcription Cards

We recorded unrehearsed, authentic, and lively conversations between two native speakers and transcribed them onto cards. Used together, the tapes and cards provide an excellent resource to develop listening skills.

TOOL 6: Feedback Cards

These cards challenge learners to reflect on the Dialogue Cards and develop their observation skills by talking about the drawings.

TOOL 7: Lyric Cards

Songs, besides being fun, are a useful medium that introduce cultural, and emotional aspects of the language being studied.


Each standard TALK Learning Set contains a careful selection of 18 different cards from the 7 TALK TOOLS – enough material for many hours of classroom work.

The Dialogue and Feedback Cards (TOOL 1 & 6) are the backbone for each TALK Learning Set and both of them have been included for each topic. The Question, Character, IdeaCue, Transcription and Lyric Cards have not been included for each of the topics.

Although we’ve numbered the TOOLS they can be arranged in any order or sequence. For example, TOOL 1 is followed by TOOL 6 in each TALK Learning Set.


Each standard TALK Learning Set contains a careful selection of 24 different cards from the 7 TALK TOOLS – enough material for many hours of classroom work.