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What is TALK Deutsch?

Play GuyWhat do my students learn with TD1?

TD1 (Talk Deutsch 1) has been designed for large classes of in a university setting. It can be used for all students in all faculties

who meet once or twice a week.


To talk about oneself & other people

To greet friends, introduce oneself and to say the right thing when departing

To talk about one’s family and one’s own daily life

To learn words and expressions for situations in the classroom and in the restaurant

 What du students learn through the content offered?

They learn to use verbs in the present tense

They learn to use verbs such as: like, should, must

They learn to answer questions of “where” and “where to” including prepositions

They learn to use the numbering system, and most of all they learn to talk naturally in the target language.


Considering the limitations of time at Japanese universities, the amount of content offered in TD1 can realistically be covered. There is no need to leave out large sections because of lack of time. The content of this course is designed in such a way that students learn to really grasp and understand the real meaning of the conversations.

How to use TALK German 1?

Alfred Gehrmann has written a tutorial in German that offers guidelines on how to use this inovative program effectively in large classes.