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Running a TALK Class

You will find that running a TALK class is relatively free of stress, for you as well as the students.

Running a TALK class requires considerably less energy than running the same class in a conventional way because you’re using your resources more economically.

When you start your TALK class, it is vital that your instructions are very clear. Only if students know what’s going on will they be able to co-operate. However, once they get the hang of it, they will generate most of the motivational “fuel” themselves to keep the class running.

What is the teacher’s main function? To train his students to learn, mostly without his help. In a teacher-centered class, this is inherently impossible because the center of attention is the teacher, not the students. This is obvious once you think about it.

The unspoken message of a teacher-centered class is: without me, the teacher, you, the students, can’t learn; don’t do anything without me.

The unspoken message of a learner-centered class is: you can learn without me, the teacher, so do as much as possible by yourselves.

I’m always extremely happy if at last a student of mine is finally able to learn without my assistance. The result is that both of us are free again: the student can go on being his or her own teacher and I can use my time and effort for fine tuning the class and help other students to become self-directed too.