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Observing Students

As long as you are the center of attention there is little chance for you to observe your students carefully. It’s different in a TALK class, you have the time to observe each student, even in large classes.

As you observe, you could ask yourself the following questions.

1 Do you notice tension in any student?

2 Does one student in a group play the boss while the others are submissive?

3 Is there a student who is not accepted by the other members?

4 Are there any rivalries among students making it difficult for everyone to learn?

5 What kind of rules does each group have? Are these rules enhancing the learning process?

6 Who is always asking the teacher for help? What are the reasons?

7 Who is never asking the teacher for help? What are the reasons?

8 Who is the leader in a group?

9 Which student in a group is socially dominant?

10 Who has problems or refuses to identify himself or herself with the group as a whole?

11 Do weaker members get support from stronger members?

12 Are students aware of the roles they play?

13 How do the groups relate to each other?

14 How do you feel when you’re together with a particular group?