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World TALK Card Memory System

Here are some PDF files for practicing
the World TALK Card Memory System.

PDF • NEW • Do-it-yourself Memory Journeys
with World TALK Cards 001 & 002 • PDF


The 99 People – “Dominic Number System”

You can use this list as a reference bcause it contains all the data.

Use this list of photos to practice Names & Actions.

Use this list to say the Name & the Action ONLY with the number.
Practice until you can say the name WITHOUT ANY hesitation.

Two World TALK Cards • with 99 Locations

Print this list to practice the 50 LOCATIONS on card 001.
You can also make Flash Cards by cutting and folding the list.

Print this list to practice the LOCATIONS on card 002.
You can also make Flash Cards by cutting and folding the list.

The Journey Technique is a powerful, flexible and effective mnemonic tool based ON the idea of remembering landmarks on a well-known journey.

You use the Journey Technique by associating information (any information) with landmarks on a journey that you know well. This could be…

  • all the rooms in your house;
  • going to work in the morning;
  • the route to visit your parents;
  • locations at university;
  • a tour around a holiday destination.

Once you are familiar with the technique you may be able to create
MANY  imaginary journeys that you can fix in your mind, and
then USE them to remember whatever is of interest to you.

Using the World TALK Cards
The usual way is to use real locations in your house or outside your house.
I have decided to use the Journey Technique with the World TALK Cards.
So far I am using only TWO cards in order to master the Dominic People to Number system.
I am also remembering the 50 US states and capitals, as well as the 47 Japanese
prefectures and their capitals using my imagination.

As the system develops, I will create more journeys with World TALK Cards and
eventually – I will use all the 60 World TALK Cards as Memory Journeys.
50 locations per card is a good manageable number. That would mean that there
are 3000 locations in the 60 cards which can be used by anyone in the world
to remember any kind of data items, such as words, dates, facts, sentences – anything.

Use whatever works best for you – real locations or locations on the World TALK Cards.

Below are the two World TALK Cards with 99 locations.



TOP_01 Journey Numbers_3-01



TOP_01 Journey Numbers_3-02




The Dominic O’brien Number System

The Dominic O’brien System uses an easy-to-remember number-to-letter conversion.
The initials of memorable people, represent the numbers.

The 10 Digits (1234567890) are changed into Letters.

0 = O
1 = A
2 = B
3 = C
4 = D
5 = E
6 = S
7 = G
8 = H
9 = N

I have remembered the numbers 01 to 99 as famous people and a typical action for each person.
For example, the number 15 becomes AE. AE might be represented by Albert Einstein, with Einstein’s characteristic action of writing on a blackboard. Similarly, 63 = SC = Santa Claus – carrying a sack.

You can choose any person that has the INITIALS for a number.

Below is MY list with the 99 people representing the 99 numbers.
You can choose to make your own list of people you know or like.

Send me your numbered graphics/photos. (e.g. 01.JPEG – 99.JPEG) and
I will make YOUR list with YOUR people into practice PDF cards.
You can make (1) a completely NEW list or (2) combine your choice of people and
my choice of people into a NEW list. Just tell me. If you have a question
contact me at jungejohann@mac.com.

At the top of this page are several PDFs you can use to practice this system. When you know
the locations and the people – you can then use this system to REMEMBER EASILY
German vocabulary, German useful sentences, proverbs or idioms. You can do the same with any language.

With this TOOL you can remember relatively easily – in a game-like manner – ANYTHING that interests you.

Below is my list 0f 99 people

I made this list 5 years ago and used it with real locations in and around my house.
This time I’m using the World TALK Cards because they are handy and can be
carried in your pocket.

If you want, you can share this idea with your friends and then help each other.






Use the 99 numbers to visualise the 99 people. You can write the 99 numbers
on a small slip of paper and carry it around in your pocket and practice anywhere.
Use this “people to number system” as a game. Play it alone or together with friends.
Let me know what other TOOLS you would like to have. I can make them for you.
Just send an email to  jungejohann1@mac.com





























Let me know what other TOOLS you would like to have. I can make them for you.
Just send an email to  jungejohann1@mac.com.