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The essential necessary know-how learners need is included in each TALK Learning Set: the Learner’s Guide to TALK and the TALK Study Tips.

Know-how is essential for learning anything but especially for self-directed learning.

The most important know-how learners neeed to rediscover is that they have a built-in learning ability that enables them to learn to communicate in any language they choose. Playfully practicing with the target language is the best way to acquire this basic and practical know-how. All our support materials are designed with this overall purpose in mind.

TALK Study Tips: a Learner’s Guide
This guide is available in English & Japanese.

The Study Tips contain more than 40 step-by-step ideas and suggestions on how to use the seven TALK Tools and one Self-Assessment Sheet. The TALK Learning System is a unique and self-empowering approach to language learning. We encourage you to experiment with the TALK Tools and come up with your own ideas on how to use them effectively for the purpose of getting students to do the talking.

Six TALK Learning Sets: 0-A  0-B  |  1-A  1-B  |  2-A  2-B

(also available in  ) explains TALK Learning Set 1-A. You can purchase six different TALK Learning Sets in two formats: printed & digital.  Each  contains a selection of 18 TALK Tools!

For facilitators we have TALK training videos, manuals, and copiable support materials which we continue to develop and update.

The TALK Starter Kit also contains all the essential “know-how” that you and your learners will need to begin using TALK effectively.

If you have any questions you can depend on our personal assistance whenever you need it. We are always just a phone call away!