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11 Features of TALK

Characteristics of  TALK

  1. The focus is on learning, not on teaching. The teacher becomes the facilitator and the students become learners.
  2. Learners practice fluency with small amounts of language.
  3. They are strongly encouraged to speak as much English inside and outside class as possible.
  4. Because the learners work in small groups the learning environment is relaxed.
  5. Speaking in the target language with confidence becomes a habit and switching from one language to another becomes easy. Learners become accustomed to asking questions quickly.
  6. Learners learn that communicating in the target language is enjoyable.
  7. Each group of learners can choose to do something totally different.
  8. The facilitator does not need to prepare lesson plans for each class.
  9. The facilitator can get to know the people in his or her classes well.
  10. TALK gives both learners and facilitators lots of room for constructive creativity.
  11. Learners learn more for themselves and less for the teacher and for grades. Learners become more responsible for their own learning.