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Ending a TALK Class

You don’t have to start a TALK class, but you often have to end it because students get so involved in what they are doing that they lose track of time.

Students are often so absorbed in what they’re doing that they forget  to check their watches. They’ll keep on studying unless you stop them! I often think: “What a shame. Everyone is so involved. I wish we didn’t have to stop the lesson now.” In a way, it’s like starting a party and, after an hour or so, when everyone is in full swing, the host saying: “Time’s up, the party is over. See you again next week.” It’s kind of frustrating. But unlike parties, classes have to stop at fixed times. The partitioning of classes into uniform time intervals doesn’t really fit in with the spirit of TALK classes.

Here are two suggestions how you can end your TALK class.

Simply announce that class is over.

Let all the groups work until the end of each class period, unless you have to make some announcement to the whole class.

Create a pattern.

Create a pattern, a habit, or a ritual to end your class. Students could take turns in reading an on-going story, as mentioned earlier, or talk about what they have done since the last lesson.